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Rev. Dr. Henry Peabody

Henry Grant Peabody is an incomparable, harmonious, and a visionary young man who is passionate about serving God and people. When a civil war started in Liberia, he was just 15 years old and was forced to leave his home along with his family and go to Ghana to live on a refugee camp. The refugee camps in Ghana had refugees who had to leave their homes because of the civil strife and struggles in Liberia. Henry resided there for seven years and experienced numerous hardships, depression, and lack of hope just like other refugees.    


These refugee camps became functional during the civil war and were supported by the UNHCR. However, after Liberia declared its elections in 1997, the UNHCR officially withdrew its support and aid to the refugees residing in these camps in 2000. After the elections, the conditions in Liberia became unbearable, and the camps were again populated by the same refugees who had previously returned to their native land Liberia.

In 1999, Henry decided to return to his country. While in Liberia, he met a Georgian missionary, Michael Helms who assisted in his relocation to the United States for further studies. Henry enrolled at Truett McConnell College as well as Mercer University in Macon Georgia.

He was very passionate about serving humanity and served as a summer missionary in South Korea, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. In 2003 he returned to Liberia and contributed $20,000 in order to support his fellow citizens who were less fortunate and in desperate need, by providing food and clothing for them. Henry could have lived and worked comfortably in the US, but because of his personal experiences and suffering, he developed a close relationship with the people who lived without homes and had no means of living a healthy life. It was his dedication and compassion for philanthropic work and missions that compelled him to return to his country in order to abet those in need.

For five years, he carried out volunteer work, helped to repair Churches that had been shattered due to the impact of the civil war. He raised over $25,000 to purchased medication for the Clinic in a town called Owensgrove. Henry has made numerous trips to Liberia beginning from 1999 and spearheaded efforts for building hand pumps to provide safe drinking water; from the groundwater sources to the villagers who need it for irrigation and other domestic purposes. Most of the people in these villages are deprived people who had no easy access to water supplies either for drinking or other purposes for which potable water is needed. Since 2015, Henry has raised more than $50,000 to build new hand pumps in several villages, which is providing much-needed relief for the people living in those remote areas who had very little access to fresh drinking water.

In addition to his various relief works, Henry has also undertaken the responsibility of building a school with ten classrooms in Owensgrove, which was dedicated in 2018. He has also initiated another school construction project in Zesonar Township, Nimba County. The total cost of the two schools is $80.000. Besides building new Schools, his mission is to build more hand pumps in at least one hundred villages that will provide safe drinking water to more than Ten Thousand villagers.  In March 2019, Henry was very instrumental in securing over $200,000 worth of medical equipment that were distributed to Phebe Hospital in Gbarnga, G.W Harley Hospital in Nimba County, Owensgrove Clinic, Grand Gedeh Hospital, and LPRC Clinic.

His passion and dedication for helping and serving humanity are based on his education at Mercer University and Truett McConnell College. However, he emphasizes that his passion for helping people is based on his faith, and the lessons he learned from Rev. Michael Helms including his spiritual father Pastor Wade Graber who is also his mentor and from whom he still seeks advice concerning his decisions for missions. Henry holds an Associate of Arts in Humanity from Truett McConnell College, BA double major in Christianity and Sociology from Mercer University, and Master of Humans Services Administration from Wilmington University. He also holds a Certificate in addiction counseling from Villanova University. He is the former moderator of the South Jersey Baptist Association and former pastor of the First International Baptist Church of Trenton in New Jersey. Henry is currently employed with the State of New Jersey as Family Specialist II.

Henry is a source of inspiration to many young people because of his selfless devotion to humanity and others who face severe problems in war-torn countries, who are forced to migrate and live in refugee camps. He is a true patriot and would do anything to help the people of Liberia.

In recognition of his selfless dedication and commitment to humanity, Henry was awarded an honorary doctor of Humanity degree from the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary  on December 9, 2020. 


Liberia Mission Outreach is an international, Christian ministry called to the task of evangelizing, providing short term assistance, and discipleship to the underprivileged people of rual Liberia  West Africa with the message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ.

844 million people live without clean water in the world. 2.3 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation. In Liberia alone, more than 1 million Liberians do not have access to clean water. Every day, a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease,
and Children miss millions of days of school each year fetching water and fighting illness. The water crisis keeps children trapped in a cycle of poverty. They miss school when they are sick, or when schools don’t have clean water and safe bathrooms.
Most deaths of children under five are caused by preventable diseases. The most common contributor? Unsafe water and poor sanitation/hygiene.


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