current projects

This generation is totally forgotten and the young and old are perishing faster than expected. Liberia Mission Outreach is committed to restoring this town and bringing hope to the people of Owensgrove.

Below are the Following projects we are addressing at this time.

school and Church

  1. We are still taking donation for the construction of a school and Church, Liberia in Zesonnar Township in Nimba County. To date, we have raised about $5000.00 and is currently $20.000 short.


More villages are requesting assistance for safe drinking water. You help is needed. It cost $3,200.00 to construct a well in Liberia


We are receiving more request for hand pump than expected.


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Liberia Mission Outreach is an international, Christian ministry called to the task of evangelizing, providing short term assistance, and discipleship to the underprivileged people of rual Liberia  West Africa with the message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ.

844 million people live without clean water in the world. 2.3 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation. In Liberia alone, more than 1 million Liberians do not have access to clean water. Every day, a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease,
and Children miss millions of days of school each year fetching water and fighting illness. The water crisis keeps children trapped in a cycle of poverty. They miss school when they are sick, or when schools don’t have clean water and safe bathrooms.
Most deaths of children under five are caused by preventable diseases. The most common contributor? Unsafe water and poor sanitation/hygiene.


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